Heating and Air Conditioning Know-how in the Detroit & Great Lakes area

Let’s face it: living around the Great Lakes region provides a variety of extreme weather. Everything from triple-digit heat waves in the summer to conditions normally seen only in the Arctic Circle. Due to the wide variety of weather experienced here, you need a home climate system that can handle anything the elements throw at it. What is the ultimate key to a quality heating and central air conditioning system? Control—and Carrier provides the best products to control the climate in your home.

From maintaining a consistent temperature, to helping keep your utility bills cheap, to cleaning and humidifying (or dehumidifying!) your air, Carrier products provide the means to fully manage your home’s air temperature and quality, all while keeping you and your family comfortable. Great Lakes Home Comfort is proud to provide these industry-leading, energy-efficient HVAC products in Michigan and Northern Ohio through our outstanding dealer network.

So who is Great Lakes Home Comfort?

Great Lakes Home Comfort is a group that seeks to provide answers and information related to home heating and cooling.  We aim to help people have control over the air and temperature in their home. That control comes from using best-in-class HVAC equipment—from big-ticket items like furnaces and A/C units, to smaller items such as  filters and humidifiers. And no one makes better HVAC equipment than Carrier.

Contact a dependable Great Lakes Carrier expert

The Carrier name has been synonymous with home comfort for over a century, and Great Lakes Home Comfort is ready to answer all of your heating and air conditioning questions.  We are your one-stop source for heating and AC service in Detroit, Grand Rapids, or anywhere else in MI, as well as Toledo, OH. Ready to improve your home climate comfort?  Find a dealer in your area today to get started.

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